Avoid Pocket Aces Pitfalls

Scoring pocket aces can be a lucky start to any player's game. However, playing the pocket aces wisely can be a tricky feat to maneuver. They key to capitalizing on this hand is to avoid mental and physical pitfalls. The most common mistakes include playing aces at the wrong time, believing they are unbeatable, or playing them at the wrong speed.

Be Realistic

Certainly pocket aces will bring a smile to a poker player's face, even if they don't show it outwardly. Their reputation for being advantageous may lure some players into continuing to play far beyond their worth. Be careful when other players continue to call and/or raise, as their hand may be even better than your pocket aces.

Pocket Aces Win Occasionally

It is a foolish player who blindly believes that aces are the best hand. They are advantageous cards to carry, but they can be beat. Realize that they carry an early advantage, but can be outplayed by many other hands nearly half of the time.

Know When to Play Aces

Pocket aces will boost your position if they are played at the proper moment. Understand that they are a great start to any hand, but will quickly lose their edge if they are held for too long. Holding onto them will allow other players to increase the value of their cards by drawing. Raise with pocket aces pre-flop, and watch your opponents actions closely for the right time to play them.

Pocket aces are great cards to have in your hand. Just be sure to use them wisely and do not overestimate their value against other hands. Stay realistic and watchful to gain the greatest advantage of pocket aces.