Should You Show Your Hand?

There are differing opinions with regard to showing your hand during play. While there are pros and cons to this strategy, the final call is up to each individual and their style of play. Before making a decision whether you should show your hand or not, it is important to know the consequences of this move.

Why Would Anyone Show Their Hand?

There are a few different reasons that players may decide to show their hand during play. The first reason is an overwhelming desire to boast about their bluff or their hand. Some players take a great amount of pride in their ability to bluff, and having the opportunity to show off their skills is hard to surpass. Another reason to show cards would be to help another folded player realize that they did, in fact, make the correct decision to fold.

Consequences of Showing Your Hand

While it may feel great to exhibit your bluffing skills by showing your hand at certain times, it can wreak havoc on future bluff attempts. By showing your hand after a bluff, other players will get a glimpse into your style of bluffing by remembering how you played previously. It offers them some inside intelligence that can work against you the next time you play a hand with them.

When deciding whether to show your hand or not, consider what this move will actually accomplish. If it will serve only to bolster your ego rather than advance your position, then it may be best to keep your cards hidden. However, if the move will offer solace to an opponent, then you must also consider if it will put any future games in jeopardy.