Moneybookers Online Casinos

This is one of the leading internet payment systems around the world that issues money electronically and is legal according to the EU and UK laws. FSA or financial services authority is the company that manages this service. It is a product that is popular for small business and various online services and is even more popular than PayPal in some countries.

How Moneybookers works

* Using email you can securely and very affordably send and receive cash online. There is the option of using Moneybookers to send money from your bank account you can also make purchases online.
* Using a wide global network and national payment options and all have one payment interface hence you can actually transact without having to register directly.
* It offers you the option of converting the currency you receive your money in to a currency of your choice through the currency converter option.
* Moneybookers have a great customer support system that ensures customers issues are well taken care of and get round the clock.

Advantages of using Moneybookers

* Leading alternative internet payments method that is accepted in many countries.
* The service does not share your personal credit card and banking information to third parties.
* Ability to transact in various currencies hence its attractive for different niche markets.
* Many online shopping options accept Moneybookers as a means of payments hence it is very popular.
* The service is easily accessible from the comfort of your house hence no time lost going to the banking hall.
* It has led to the growth of online gaming and online casinos because it can be used as a means of payment for bets and wins.

Disadvantages of using Moneybookers

* The service may not work in your country hence you may not enjoy the services.
* Fluctuating international currency rates affects the conversion rates used to convert the money you get paid.