Surviving Bad Beats

Winning hand over fist at poker is a wonderful way to spend your time at the table. However, there will undoubtedly come a time when even the best players send a stockpile of chips to the center of the table only to be crushed by a bad beat. The key to getting back on track is to handle the bad beat quickly and efficiently. To successfully avoid this type of situation happening to you, you must understand and play the game of poker the right way. You can do this by continually investing more time into practicing and mastering poker. To do this from the comforts of your home, play for free using bonuses on casino sites. is a great website where you can do just that.

Keep Your Comments to Yourself

Suffering a bad beat can be hard on your wallet and your ego. However, talking it over out loud at the table is not going to get your big stack back. It will only show other players that your ability may be compromised by a bruised mental state. Instead, it is wise to excuse yourself from the table and seek the ear of a friend or blow off steam outside of earshot of the table.

Get Over It

It may be easier said than done to accept a bad beat. In any event, it is essential for your future success to write off a bad beat and clear your mind for the next game. Every player gets knocked down by a bad beat once in a while, but the best ones know how to digest it quickly and move on. Give yourself a short time to be disappointed and frustrated, and then forget it and get back in the game.

The key to surviving a bad beat is to get a handle on your emotions privately and quickly. It is natural to be upset as you watch your pile of chips being swept away to a lesser player who struck it lucky. However, keeping your cool and focusing on the next game is the best way to ensure that you win your chips back.