Selecting the Best Online Poker Table

The quickest and most efficient way to make money at online poker is to begin by selecting the most lucrative table. This element of online poker is often overlooked, but is essential to success. The following are some tips to make selecting the best table online easy.

Rate of Hands Played

Look for tables that offer 2 hands per minute, or 120 hands per hour. This will translate to a very fast table that could produce a lot of profit in a short amount of time. In addition, if mediocre players are attempting to play at this rate, it could equal an even larger payday to skilled players.

Percentage of Players that See the Flop

Look for tables that have a high percentage of players that see the flop. This means that a high number of players have hands that are lacking at best. It will be easy to scoop in for a few wins and collect some cash along the way.

Average Pot Amount

Take into account how high the pot is as well as how long games are typically played. By sitting down at a table with a high pot, the chances of winning a large amount are greater. The length of time that lapses during games will also give you an insight into the habits of opponents.

By following these simple tools when selecting an online poker table, you can increase your chances of winning quickly and profitably. Take a look at the rate of hands played per hour, the percentage of players that see the flop, and seek out the highest pot amount to ensure the easiest and most lucrative tables to win at.